Asian Food Channel Business Model







Asian Food is The Best of all, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Melayu, all of them have represented great passion, and obsession of their strong characteristic cuisine. Standing as a leading of International Food TV Channel which provides every single edges of Food in this entire world, AFC is well designed and structured perfectly to be broadcasted to the world.

Related as a type of Business Model, AFC Business Model will be explained specifically below,

Value Architecture

As we know, AFC offers such ultimate shows like Chef at Home, Jamie at Home, Ningella Bites, and many more, not only a cooking show programs, but also there are some  programs, published about extraordinary restaurants and lifestyle in some regions. As an international TV Channel, AFC worked altogether with some Cable Television and Satellite Provider enterprise to reach their customers. AFC strong positioning and solid organization have become their core capabilities of their performance.

Value Proposition/ Customer

Launched in mid-2005, AFC currently transmits in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand. In these markets, AFC has established a leadership position, as not just the only “food” channel, but as the leading lifestyle channel and a leading promoter of pan-Asian culture across the region. This value is exactly what AFC want to bring to their customers who love and passion in the world of cuisine.

Revenue Model

Like another conventional TV Channel, AFC cost, go out for shooting necessity, all stuff maintenance, general and administrative  needed. In contrast, they earn money from any company put their advertisement in AFC.



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